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Iodine, whose symbol is I is a pure element found on the seventeenth column on the periodic table and has an atomic number of fifty-three. It is a non- metal and purple or black under normal conditions and is composed of elements such as sodium iodate and sodium periodate; which make it easily react with many elements. It rare to find and one of the least abundant metals on earth that is why it is a bit expensive. It is known to be a pure element as it comes mostly from the sea and animals, generally meaning that it occurs naturally. Some of the characteristics of iodine are; It forms compounds with many elements in the periodic table and although it is a non-metal, it exhibits a lot of properties associated with the various metals and does it rarely does dissolve on water. Let us look at some of the iodine derivatives uses.

Potassium iodide is one of the derivatives and is mostly used as a medication. It is used in medicine and helps treat various respiratory problems such as coughs and mucus and prevents you from having long-term diseases associated with the respiratory system such as asthma and bronchitis. Potassium iodide is also helpful during surgeries associated with thyroids as it helps treat certain thyroid problems because it has the capability to shrink the size of the thyroids. It also helps keep the thyroid from absorbing radioactive chemicals during radiation and surgery hence is able to protect against cancer. Iodine also helps reduce the risk associated with having goiter due to a deficiency of it in your diet. This can be prevented by eating foods rich in iodine and incorporating iodine supplements to your diet. During pregnancy, iodine intake is highly recommended as it helps in the development of the brain of the fetus hence reduced the risk of intellectual disability in babies once they grow.

Silver iodide is also another iodine derivative and is used mainly during photography. This is because it has electronic, magnetic and optical properties. It is easily able to darken the presence of light and easily help regulate it.

Povidone-iodine is another derivative it acts as an antiseptic for skin during and after one undergoes surgery. It is used by doctors before wearing gloves and after removal of gloves in order to thoroughly get rid of germs. It also can be applied on the skin in case of a minor injury such as on swelling after a fall, on burns, bunions, and abrasions in order to disinfect and keep the wound fresh and clean from germs.

Sodium iodide as a derivative can be used in fertilizers in order to raise the contents of iodine during the growth of plants. Iodine helps biomass production and increases the antioxidant levels in plants. This helps the plant be able to resist any form of drought and is able to resist anything that interferes with its growth.
Iodine is also beneficial during the manufacture of animal feeds as it only prevents animals from getting goiter but because it regulates energy metabolism in animals. Iodine helps keep the animals’ body temperature steady and even especially when it’s too hot or cold.

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