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How to Clean Your Chimney the Best Way

You can ignore your chimney-until you start encountering issues with it. The issues affecting your chimney should be dealt with in the right manner whether you’ve burned a fire or smoke is darkening up in your home. This article talks more about the tips that can help you efficiently clean your chimney.

Settling for an ideal chimney sweep should not be a daunting task, and they can take care of the process so that you don’t put yourself in danger. Outsourcing this service of a reliable expert will be ideal for individuals who fear to hurt themselves.

The first thing you should do is prepare the area around your fireplace. The first thing to do is to get all the fittings out of the immediate area and tarpaulin a textile over the immovable furniture. A fine layer of dirt will form and get on anything near the base of your chimney as you clean. One should place a tarp immediately in front of the chimney so that nothing doesn’t get affected by the dust and sot that will be cleaned. To catch the soot that will come down as you clean, ensure you lay a sheet over the entry of your fireplace.

Next is preparing your tools. There are some key tools you should have for quality cleaning services. The following should be in place; cordless drill, safety glasses, a dust filter for the void, a ladder is required, chimney brushes and extension rods.

Get on the roof to start the cleaning process. You may use a ladder to access your roof. Commence by unscrewing the chimney cap with your screwdriver and a cordless drill. Set your extension rod to the first mark and brush down around the unit. This will allow you to clean everything before you reach full extension if your first mark. You can then proceed to expand the rod in the length it will enable and do the same activity. Keep washing deeper until you find the smoke shelf, which is basically the deepness needed for excellent cleaning of the chimney. Once you are done, you can put back the caps on the chimney and go back to your house’s interior.

Relax for ten minutes then remove the plastic sheet. Ensure you clean the grit and dust that penetrated into your home.

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